• What is Angel Food Ministries?
    Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non denominational organization dedicated to providing food relief to communities throughout the USA.
  • What is the cost of the food?
    A basic “Signature” box of Angel Food can be purchased for $30.
  • What is the retail value of the box of food?
    Depending on your location, a box retails anywhere from $45 to $75 with an average retail value of right around $60.
  • How much food is in a box?
    An average box of food weighs around 21 lbs. The weight may differ each month. A box of food assists in feeding a family of four for about one week, or a single senior citizen for almost a month.
  • What food options does Angel Food offer?
    In addition to the Signature Box, Angel Food Ministries also offers Senior Meals and Allergen Free Boxes, as well as “Special Units”. The “Specials” are mostly savings on proteins and produce. (Special #1: 6.5 lb. Assorted Meat Grill Box which typically contains steak, pork chops, Hamburger Steaks and Italian Sausage for $23.00, Special #2 4.5 lb. Steak Combo with 2.5 lbs. of  Ribeye Steaks and 2 lbs. of  Sirloin Steak for $22.00 and a Fruit and Veggie Special which typically contains 25-28 lbs. of premium fresh produce for $22.00)
  • Is the food fresh?
    Because of Angel Foods involvement with only the best producers and venders our products are high quality, “name brand” foods – never “seconds” or “day old type” products. Each month’s food menu consists of both fresh and frozen items.
  • Will I know what the food offered is in advance?
    Angel Food Ministries produces a monthly menu to inform customers of what food items will be available a full month in advance.
  • How much food may I purchase?
    There is no limit on the number or types of boxes an individual or family may purchase.
  • Do I need to qualify for the program?
    There are no applications or qualifications, anyone can participate.
  • How do I place an order?
    Orders and payments are either collected by each individual host site during the first part of each month, or through our online shopping cart at angelfoodministries.com. Orders through the host sites are phoned, faxed, or entered online to Angel Food’s main office on what we refer to as “Call-in Monday”.
  • Where do I pick up my order?
    During the next week, called “Distribution Week”, Angel Food Ministries begins loading the trucks that are scheduled to arrive at the host sites on what we call “Distribution Saturday.” Along with the many trucks that go out from our warehouse, about 200 local host sites pick up their food on Saturday morning from our facility in Monroe.
  • How successful is the program?
    Since January 1995, over 8.1 million families have been affected by Angel Food Ministries. In December of 2007 Angel Food Ministries distributed food to over 2.5 million people in one distribution. 547,000 boxes of food left our warehouse within a three day period, and we are still growing.
  • What is the total contribution to church benevolence funds?
    Angel Food Ministries has contributed over $9 million dollars into these benevolence funds over the last 13 years.

    Food orders and distribution are handled by the volunteers at church host sites. Orders are collected during the first part of each month and turned in to the Angel Food main office in Monroe, Georgia. Several days later, in the same month, the host site picks up the food at an AFM drop site. Orders are then transported to the host site; St. Andrew EPC (in Auburn).


    Each month’s menu is different and consists of fresh, frozen and packaged food. Angel Food is purchased from the nation’s top food suppliers. Providing quality, nutritious food at significant discounts on a regular basis is one practical way to give people a “hand up” during difficult times. The cost for a box of Angel Food is $30. There is no purchase limit for boxes of Angel Food. There are no applications or qualifications necessary to purchase.


    Comparison shopping nationwide in various grocery stores has revealed that the average retail value for the same food items would be approximately $65. Generally, one box of Angel Food assists in feeding a family of four for about one week or a single senior citizen for almost a month.


    Each month, Angel Food Ministries also offers “specialty boxes” of steak, chicken, pork or other foods. This bonus program affords participants additional food choices at a great value. There is no purchase limit for specialty boxes or bonus foods. There are no applications or qualifications necessary to purchase.