Reflections, What’s Next and Thank You.

Angel Food Ministries decision to cease operations, proves once again that we are all vulnerable to hardship. Ironically, it is from hardship that AFM first began. In a spirit of love, community and most importantly, Christ, we’ve had the great honor of serving you over the last few years. And, while this may spell the end of Angel Food Ministries nationally, locally we continue to seek opportunities to serve you.

Many have asked us what’s next. Truthfully, we don’t know. But He does know what’s in store. We continue to pray and exercise patience so we can move forward donning the full armor of God to help make our community a better place while ministering to our friends, our neighbors… our family. Watch this website and/or follow us on Facebook for occasional updates as we move forward. Finally, please continue to pray for us and our community.

If you wish to get involved and join our great mission, please join us at St. Andrew on Sunday mornings, beginning at 9 for worship. Together, with the helping hand of Christ, we’ll rise above all to the glory of Christ.

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