March Angel Food Menu – PJ Premium Box

Continuing our look at the March Angel Food Ministries menu, let’s look at the newest addition, Pastor Joe’s Premium Box. This box is unlike any other that Angel Food features.

While, at first blush, it might be for those who have expensive tastes, that’s really a misconception. The box is designed to allow you to make meals similar to what you would be served at a nice restaurant, without the extras that are used to round out meals that are in the other boxes. We’re talking about things like cornbread mixes,  rice, etc.

Take a look at what’s included in this great offering:

Pastor Joe's Premium Box

Now, obviously, these are not meals you’d make for the kids. We’re talking about some big ole’ steaks, shrimp and awesome complements! We’re guessing you could get 4-5 meals for the average couple. That’s 8-10 total meals for $51. Not sure where you all eat, but for my family, that would range from $135 to $170 total.

Talk about savings!!!

Still not convinced? Take a look at this brief video put together by Pastors Joe and Linda:

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