March Angel Food Menu – The Bob, Signature and Triple-B

Back to our look at the March Angel Food Ministries Menu: Today, we’re going to present the three core boxes: Bit O’ Blessing, Bread of Life Signature, and Bountiful Blessing.

We like to look at it as Small, Medium and Large because, well, one is small, one is large and one falls in between. Simple, right?

When you break each box down into the number of full meals, the boxes generally come out to about 5-6 dollars a meal. That’s generally what you pay for one person at your usual drive-thru places!

The Bit O Blessing Box

The Bit O’ Blessing Box [order now] or “the BOB” as we like to call it, has 9 items for $21. With a Chicken Stir Fry, Chicken Fettucchini Alfredo and Lasagna to go veggie blend, with meatballs, and green beans respectively, plus the ground beef and French fries, we’re guessing there are 4 quality dinners. The frozen mango is perfect or a breakfast, after dinner treat or add it to some other mixed fruit to serve even more!

Signature Box 

 The Bread of Life Signature Box  [order now] at $31 will get a family about 5-6 meals. In addition to the protein items and vegetables, and meal components like pasta, tortillas and corn muffin mix, there are common stables like eggs and milk (which is shelf stable for several months).

The Bountiful Blessing Box  [order now] (or “Triple-B”) also contains the staple items like the Signature Box and features all the same protein items plus hamburger patties, a beef stir fry meal, tomato basil soup and some “extras” like a raspberry muffin mix and beef flavored vermicelli mix.

The Bountyful Blessing Box

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