March Angel Food Menu – Just 4 Me

Next in our look at the March Angel Food menu is the “Just 4 Me” line. These boxes are “kid friendly” so children can easily prepare the items or enjoy easy, healthy snacks and/or light meals.

Just 4 Me After School Box

The first box from this line is the “Just 4 Me After School” box. The items inside can be quickly and easily prepared after school using a microwave or with no cooking at all. This month, there are 11 different items ranging from corn dogs and stuffed sandwiches to string cheese and Italian ice. At my house, many of the items – like the corn dogs – are used to stretch family meals that are mostly leftovers. With a family of five, it’s hard to make leftovers fill up everyone, so we warm them up and also cook something from this box. It works out well for the finicky kids who may not enjoy leftovers a whole lot. [order now]

Just 4 Me Fruit & Veggie Box

The “Just for Me After School Fruit & Veggie” box is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an assortment of fruits and veggies that kids typically enjoy. There’s also simple, healthy things like trail mix. It’s gives kids (or anyone) the ability to have a healthy snack without having to cook or prepare anything. [order now]

Just 4 Me No child Goes Without

The “Just 4 Me No child Goes Without” box is the latest addition to this line. It contains items that are convenient to warm up and enjoy. The concept is rooted in programs like the Boomerang Backpack program that exists locally – with an overall mission to provide the ability for children of families who have limited incomes and resources to have nourishment on the weekends since they are not at school where they may have free lunch programs. [order now]

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