Two Savings Program Info Coming this Month

We consider all our guests to be a part of Angel Food Ministries and occasionally share programs that might continue to help provide breathing room in their budgets. This month, where sharing two such opportunities with you.

The first is a prescription savings card that is already active and ready for you to use. It provides you with a savings potential of up to 55 percent on your prescription purchases.

The second is from Christian Healthcare Ministries, which enables thousands of Christians in all 50 states to help one another in meeting major health care costs. Over the last 20 years, this alternative to traditional health insurance has shared more than $500 million in participant medical bills. The CHM program could be as much as 55 percent less than the average price of HMO, PPO, and POS health insurance plans. CHM is truly the biblical solution to healthcare costs.

We hope you’ll consider these two special gifts offered by Angel Food Ministries – but there is no obligation. It’s just another way for us to express how we care and we appreciate you. If you didn’t place an order but would still like the info, just let us know. We’d be happy to get it to you.

7 Responses to “Two Savings Program Info Coming this Month”

  • Mathew:

    We have received Angel Food Ministries packages twice now and we received the prescription card and the packet on the CHM. Is the prescription card really ready to use? I just show it to my pharmacy? The info card says it NEVER expires, is that true as well? Just sounds too good to me. Like I said, we’re new to Angel Food. I just got a job and I plan on making a donation for their help. It’s a great program so far. =o)

  • afmdekalb:

    This if my first exposure to Angel Food Ministry’s offer of this program, but it appears to be much like several I have seen in the marketplace. Typically, this type of program helps lower prescription drug costs for moth insured and uninsured customers. It IS already activated and good to go. Just present it to the pharmacy the next time you get your scripts. It’s accepted a many national and regional pharmacies and on many of the most frequently prescribed medications. Just remember that it is NOT insurance. It’s a supplement to help you get the best pricing. Sometimes it will not be of any assistance, and other times it might be able to save you substantially.

  • lisa gryder:

    How do i active a angel food prerisicption card?

  • afmdekalb:

    Each card has a unique number on it, so it’s not somehting I can simply link to for you. I suggest you reach out to your host site to see if they have extras. I do have a few left from our last distribution. Would be happy to mail you one if you want. I have your email address from your comment and will touch base to get your USPS address offline – please don’t post that here. Thanks. – Chad

  • Darlene:

    We have purchased through Angel Food for several months now in North Florida, but missed last months order. Will you continue the angel food prescription card again for June? Thanks much!

  • terry dunlap:

    would like to see how i could get the christian healthcare,and how it works also if i could get some information on this i dont have any insurance

  • afmdekalb:

    Hi Terry. Take a look at They have all the info you need – including a link to apply right away. I’m going to send you an email you in response to your comment. If you want to respond to tha twiht your mailing address, I am happy to mail you one of the prescription cards. They all have unique numbers on them, so you need the actual card – but from what I understand, they’re pretty simple and easy to use. Blessings.