Blessing Others – By the Box – with AngelFood Ministries

Looking to give a meaningful gift this year? How about a blessing in a box – give the gift of AngelFood. Here are a couple ways:

You Order & Deliver:

Pick out the box for your loved one, order it and deliver it to them personally.

Gift Card/Coupon:

It’s not widely known, but AngelFood Ministries offers gift cards/coupon codes. They must be ordered directly through AngelFood Ministries, but can be redeemed with us or by an online order.

Anonymous Angels:

Here’s an idea we just came up with. You order and we’ll send a Anonymous Angels Card that includes a message of blessing and hope. It will tell them an “Anonymous Angel” who cares about them has purchased a blessing in a box and invite them to pick it up at the next distribution. If you order on-line, please order in the name of the recipient with their address and phone number. Use the comment area to tell us it’s an Anonymous Angel Order and include your name so we can contact you if they don’t pick it up.

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