Check Your Calendars and Plan Your Orders

We’re inching very close to that time of year when everything gets a little bit hectic due to the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays. One reason for that is simply all the “extra” things we have to do in our schedules, but in this case, it’s due to compression of schedules.

As you know, AngelFood has special Holiday Boxes that will be delivered with November and December distributions. That seems very easy, right?

Well, it is, but please also make note of the timeline changes for those two months. The order deadlines and distributions are about a week earlier for both months to make sure you get your holiday boxes in time and to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with trying to get everything done at the last minute for Thanskgiving and Christmas gatherings.

October will still follow a typical schedule, but here are the important dates for you to remember for November and December. Also, to help you plan accordingly for budget and timing reasons, we’ve updated the calendar page for the remainder of the year.

November Order Deadline = 11/11 at noon
November Distribution = 11/20 – 9:30-11AM

December Order Deadline = 12/9 at noon
December Distribution = 12/18 – 9:30-11AM

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