How Does the August AngelFood Signature Box Compare?

About a year ago, we put AngelFood Ministries to the test locally when we went out and compared prices (to the ounce) on the Signature Box with Krogers and Wal-Mart. Because we so strongly believe in doing what’s best and to make sure we truly are helping our community save more, we’ve done an updated comp with the AUGUST 2010 menu . . . that’s right, the same menu you can order from right now!

In short, Krogers is catching up but is still the most expensive (even when using their loyalty program). Wal-Mart has also made strides. But here’s the kicker – if you were to buy at the lowest price by going to both stores, it has actually gone up (although this is also in light of AFM’s recent reduction of the Signature Box from $30 to $29).

Full details are below. Take a look. If you’d like an Adobe Acrobat version of this chart, get it here (and share it with others!)


The AngelFood Signature Box is a Sure Bargain in DeKalb County

4 Responses to “How Does the August AngelFood Signature Box Compare?”

  • AP:

    Walmart eggs at 11 cents???
    By your calculations, poor people are not saving anything if they leave
    off the steak from the box. The red meat is a treat but out of range
    for most budgets.

  • afmdekalb:

    Wow. Carried the excel calc through on the eggs. Will have to edit and repost. Thanks for pointing it out. As far as Steak, perhaps you have a point. If you pull it out and do the shopping around for each item, cut coupons, join loyalty clubs, etc. it likely evens out.

  • Rebecca R:

    Thanks for doing this! I followed the link from your FB comment. We are ordering this month for the first time and hoping for the best. It didn’t look like you included the tax in the savings? I think once you add the eggs actual price and subtract the 15% coupon available for AngelFood, you are actually saving closer to $18 from Wal-Mart. That’s very significant in my opinion. Am I missing something? Either way, it’s a great deal and I’m looking forward to our order!

  • afmdekalb:

    Rebecca-Thanks for visiting and commenting. I hope you’ll find AFM to be exactly the blessing that we have. Please check back in with us and share your thoughts. Very true about the coupon codes but remember that they are only valid for onlien orders which also carry a $2 charge because AFM defrays the processing charge onto the consumer as a means of maintaining margins. As for tax, AFM cannot charge in Indiana. I’m not sure which states do allow it, but Indiana is not one of them. -Chad