Resolve to Spend Less on Groceries in 2010 with Angel Food Ministries

Most everyone makes some sort of resolution around this time of year. Many of them are not kept, but some of them can truly become life changing. Let Angel Food Ministries of DeKalb County help you make a resolution that can transform your life by helping you spend less on your grocery bills.

Food costs seem to be ever increasing. As those food costs go up, your budgets become even more strained; which detracts funds from other necessities like heat, clothing and healthcare just to name a few.

Angel Food Blessings in a Box

Angel Food Ministries' Blessings in a Box

This is where Angel Food Ministries can be a blessing to you and your family. One $30 Signature Box is designed to provide quality food that will feed a family of four for at least a week. Do the math to figure out how much that is per meal for your family (which likely will vary depending upon your household) and you probably would pay two or three times more at any restaurant.

Here in Northeast Indiana, we’ve done the math when it comes to the overall price. Saving just $20 on your groceries puts that $20 somewhere else in your budget. Maybe for gasoline, maybe for utilities, rent, clothes or other life essentials.

Our prayer for you this New Year is that you will make a commitment to spend less on your groceries. That you will shop smart and let Angel Food Ministries of DeKalb County serve you.

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