Save Nearly $20 When You Order from Angel Food Ministries

One common question that comes up is “How much can I really save with Angel Food Ministries?” It’s a tough one to answer because the value will change from month-to-month and prices vary depending upon the market where you shop.

But we wanted to give folks a real-life example, so we took our September menu to the test against Wal-Mart and Krogers in Auburn, Indiana. The results are below:

The price of Angel Food compared to Kroger's and Wal-Mart in Auburn, IN

As you can see, you would still save close to $10 if you drove to both places. With coupons, you might get close to even, but you’ll need to factor in the time, the extra gas and the price of the paper (or any other paid source) to get your coupons.

Simply put, you can save and reduce stress with Angel Food Ministries. The food is quality food and does not include expired products. It’s a great way to make you grocery budget stretch a little further while ensuring you and your family can enjoy nutritious meals.

Check out this month’s menu or order now.

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